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freebase mix about 1 g of coke in 10 ml of water in a small vial Slowly add drops of ammonia to the solution A white milky precipitate will form Stop adding ammonia when additional drops no longer result in precipitation Add 5 ml of ethyl ether close vial and shake The precipitate freebase will dissolve in

How To Wash Up Crack With Bicarb tradquisulre

Scrub a messy Crack cocaine is also powder cocaine is dissolved in a mixture of water and either ammonia or sodium bicarbonate The solid is then dried and cut up into TEK How to make Crack on a Spoon to 30 0f the weight of Sodium bicarbonate to wash the crack with hot distilled water once more to clean it up a Crack cocaine also

Cooking Crack In A Spoon With Ammonia

Sure signs of crack 2002 Freebase is easy to make Just add 1grm of coke to about 10 15Ml of houeshold ammonia in a spoon instruction wholesales blog Cooking Crack With Ammonia In A Spoon tr we put some cocaine on a spoon and mix it with ammonia About how to wash cocaine with ammonia related information

20 Clever Uses for Ammonia Reader s Digest

Use ammonia to clean gold and silver jewelry Brighten up your gold and silver trinkets by soaking them for 10 minutes in a solution of ½ cup clear ammonia mixed in 1 cup warm water Gently wipe clean with a soft cloth and let dry Note Do not do this with jewelry containing pearls because it could dull or damage their delicate surface

how to wash benzocaine with amonia

cocaine cooking crack Archive Bluelight I ve never heard of anyone using ammonia the point with sodium I don t work with crack but curious is sodium carbonate washing It a crude test to see if you have even half decent coke or just some benzocaine and More details Get Price

TEK Making Cocaine freeba

untill you see it changing then we take out the ammonia with some toiletpaper then we do water with the cocaine to burn out the bad things that ammonia had added to the cocaine than we do the water out of the spoon and wait untill the cocaine is dry when it s dry we just smoke it 06 05 2005 22 06 pokergod0588 Account Awaiting Email

How to make crack cocaine without baking soda and ammonia

There are a few ways but as most cocaine isn t pure you ll need to find out what it has been cut with in order to know how to cook it correctly This is easy though if you take your cocaine to the nearest narcotics unit of your local police

Cocaine make crack with ammonia Bluelight org

 · Hello Forgive me for my loose level of English I m spanish Well here in Spain the majority of the people cook the crack with ammonia in a spoon I prefer this method to the method of soda Well my first question is If I want to cook crack with ammonia in a microwave is necessary add water

Supercool Ammonia Solution Chemical Reaction YouTube

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Best Way to make crack Party Vibe

 · cocaine is about 4 average street purity to cook with bicarb add 30 bicarb to mixture and wash this will result in a crack rock of about 2 5 purity this is why people think crack is shit these days two years ago an average crack rock would be at least double this

Cleaning Purifying Cocaine Bluelight org

 · 1 Dissolve the cocaine HCL in some water add some decolorizing carbon and filter 2 Add 28 aqua ammonia to the solution obtained in step 1 to produce the cocaine freebase and extract the freebase with low boiling petroleum ether 3 Allow the petroleum ether to evaporate dissolve the freebase in acteone and if cloudy filter again

How to Clean Your System of Cocaine 11 Steps with Pictures

 · How to Clean Your System of Cocaine Cocaine is an illegal stimulant drug that makes you feel energetic and euphoric for a short time Unfortunately it can

How To Turn Coke Into Crack With Ammonia

How To Turn Coke Into Crack With Ammonia DOWNLOAD Mirror 1

How To Cook Coke With Ammonia howtoco7 00go com

how to cook coke with ammonia Smoking Optional Methods to cook It is not uncommon for some users to wash up or cook the Cocaine has several names including coke rock and crack What happens when ammonia and bleach are mixed They react

How to for sure wash most of cutting agents away in cocaine

 · Stir completely to completely rinse off all of the ammonia soln and then once again pour into a filter Once drained and while still in the filter pour a little more fresh water over the now pure cocaine freebase to wash away any final traces of ammonia

How to for sure wash most of cutting agents away in

 · Here is a step by step guide for removing all cutting agents away from street Cocaine effectively producing freebase Cocaine or Crack Cocaine I don t condone Crack Cocaine use and will warn you now that it can ruin your life but through perso

washing coke Hip Forums

 · Just euphoria and stimulation But remember you can not take the same amount of this as you take of the crappy cut to pieces coke you normally take You can t do the same big monster lines or the same amount of those lines If you do you will die If the cocaine you normally get is say 20 pure well after the wash it is now about 99 pure

Cooking Crack With Ammonia In A Spoon THE BEST DAMN

may 6 2011 with the prevalence of crack making one s own seems a little pointless balance the handle end of the spoon on a thin book so that the bowl of the for this procedure use only hydrous ammonia with no detergent or scent deductible contention Page 10 tek making cocaine freebase with ammonia methods cocaine crack

How To Turn Coke Into Crack With Ammonia

 · How To Turn Coke Into Crack With Ammonia DOWNLOAD Mirror 1

Cooking Crack With Ammonia Сайт quotatula

The ammonia off flavor that can be produced through use of baking ammonia in moist products is one disadvantage Manufacturing Crack Cocaine How Crack Cocaine Works Will give us a Transformers 3 in 3D Cooking crack cocaine spoon ammonia Re cook crack cocaine To clean the iron after cooking I follow these steps

making crack with ammonia TheeHive

In one shot glass add one ml 10 ammonia to 9ml H2O in the other glass add your cocaine to 10 ml h2o One drop at a time add the ammonia solution to the cocaine solution Stir for 30 seconds to 1 minute between each drop An off white rock will begin to

Can you make crack cocaine with ammonia Answers

 · Crack is cocaine and baking soda cooked up with a chemical such as ammonia Cook up basically crack is cocaine and baking soda cooked up with water So you might as well just buy cocaine

How to clean up your cocaine Rap Basement Message Board

How to clean up your cocaine 08 13 2007 05 29 PM Let s face it nowadays 99 9 of street cocaine is cut There s no way to avoid it unless you got direct connections with the cartels or go south of the border But there is an easy no chemistry background method to cleaning your coke from leftover impurities Is your coke any of these things

Manufacturing Crack Cocaine How Crack Cocaine Works

Crack cocaine is an easier to manufacture form of freebase cocaine – the only difference between cocaine and crack is that the latter has its hydrochloride removed increasing the melting point and making the drug smokable Because its production doesn t require the use of flammable solvents it is safer to make than freebase cocaine

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how to wash benzocaine witb amonia

Can you make crack cocaine with ammonia Answers com 1 Cocaine contains a lot of powerful acidic chemicals Since crack cocaine is smoked the harmful chemical compounds of the drug come in direct contact with More details Get Price

Dazzle Razzle – How to Make Crack

The other way to make a coke freebase is to use ether or ammonia but this will give you a purer form of cocaine hydrochloride Careful with the ether it is both volatile and flammable Either way what you are doing is freeing the cocaine alkaloid from the hydrochloride so that it

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